Asians Singing Ghanaian Song: "Halelujah nyame"

This is wonderful!!! Asians singing Ghanaian song “Halelujah nyame”. Hmmm, this is really wonderful. It shows that music is a global language of unity. The way they sing in Twi like they have lived all their lives in Ghana. Top, to, top.

Now, here is “Halelujah nyame” also performed by a Dutch-Ghanaian group known as “Ghana Community Choir”. The song was led by Mavis Asantewaa Dejong at the Heineken Music Hall GCC opened for Donnie McClurkin.


  1. I’m impressed, I have to say. Really not often do I encounter people from other continents that can sing African music so well. Kudos to these people. And especially Asians of all people. Good job!

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