Mermaids have been claimed to be the reason why two water reservoir projects in Zimbabwe are yet to be completed.

According to claims made by the Zimbabwe’s Water Resources Minister, mermaids have been chasing workers away from the two planned new reservoirs projects.

The water resources minister alleged that mermaids have been scaring workers away from working on the two planned reservoirs in Zimbabwe. He said the situation has made frightened workers refused going back to the sites. The project site is situated near the towns of Gokwe and Mutare.

According to minister Nkomo, the only way to resolve the problem is to brew traditional beer and carry out all the necessary rites . This he said to appease the spirits and allow the workers to continue with the job.

Mermaids are mythological water creatures with a female body twinned with the tail of a fish. According to the Zimbabweans, there is still the existence of mermaids. Even though some people are sceptical, some still strongly believe in its existence and think they are roaming around.   Back in the centuries, there have been several stories of mermaids going round in the Country.

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Minister Nkomo reported that all the officers he had sent to work in that area had vowed never to go back there.

The belief in mermaids and other mythical creatures is widespread in the country. Over there, it is a common practice for people combine Christian faith with traditional beliefs.

According to the Local Government, Rural and Urban Development Minister Ignatius Chombo, Zimbabwe’s population still live on less than one US dollar a day. These people are seriously in need of water but cannot have it until the rituals are performed. In addition,  essential repairs will be carried out on them before they start operation.

The African artist’s impression of mermaids is that the Zimbabwean government has used mermaids as an excuse to delay these projects.


  1. This people and their stupid superstitious belief. No be only mermaid. Rubbish and nonsense.

  2. A lazy mans story. Why not aliens from another planet. Mermaid my foot. It’s in only Africa that people see such things. No wonder we are behind other continents in terms of development. Keep on seeing mermaids while your counterparts are taking great strides and moving their countries forward. Shakes head in shame…

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