A Zimbabwean man who Killed and Stuffed Girlfriend in a Suitcase Hangs Himself in Kent. The man, Jasper Jason Dube ran away to the UK after murdering Rudo Mawere her girlfriend.

A Zimbabwean national, Jasper Jason Dube (pictured right above) also known as Taruvinga who murdered Rudo Mawere (pictured left above) and left her stuffed in a suitcase by a roadside in Dublin, Ireland has been discovered hanging.

The killer fled Ireland for England on Sunday using a ferry after being suspected of killing the 26-year-old student and a search was being conducted on him.

The murderer committed suicide by hanging himself in Higham North Kent where he sought refuge after his crime. Kent Police has already established that he was discovered in a wooded area in Higham. The man is said to have been using the bank card of her partner, Rudo Mawere and apparently killed her through suffocation after they had an argument over money.

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When Mawere was found, her body was fully clothed but her head was concealed with a bin bag. A medical examination confirmed that she had died of asphyxiation.

According to reports, the murderer who has been using numerous fake names is suspected of raping a woman in the UK some time ago however he was never charged in relation to that offence.

In the meantime, a funeral service for Mawere was held on Wednesday at Solid Rock Church in Ireland where she used to a worshipping member.


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