VIDEO: Romanian Model With A 20-Inch Waist (Ioana Spangerberg)

No, it’s not Photoshop. And no, it’s not surgery. According to Romanian model Ioana Spangerberg, her 20-inch waist is all natural.

We were introduced to Spangerberg, 30, by UK tabloid The Sun, which should probably be taken with a grain of salt. And while her career is still bourgeoning (we have yet to see her in any actual fashion spreads or magazines), Spangerberg’s measurements are eerily reminiscent of Vogue Italia’s September cover, featuring an eerily photoshopped Stella Tennant. Tennant’s figure was inspired by Ethel Granger, proud owner of history’s smallest waist, a 13-inch circumference achieved by corsetry.

Culled from Styleite

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  1. I am sorry but calling this thing a model is like encouraging young girls to go on a suicide mission all in the name of becoming a model. This woman has some serious disorders and should be under the intensive and watchful care of a specialist. This is very, very unhealthy if i must say.Ioana Spangerberg, please eat some food and seek professional help!!!

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