US Arraigns Nigerian Nurse for Caressing Unconscious Patient
Folajuwani Ajayi

Folajuwani Ajayi, former Wishard nursing assistant originally from Nigeria suspected of caressing a patient and capturing it on video tape appeared in an Indianapolis court on Tuesday. The judge appointed a public defender and entered a “not guilty” plea on his behalf of the Nigerian nurse.

However, the police said the evidence against Folajuwani Ajayi pointed to guilt. His immigration status, though, could help him avoid jail term.

Ajayi, the Nigerian nurse is scheduled to face trial for one felony and two misdemeanor charges on April 2.

Nevertheless, court documents pointed out that while working at Wishard Memorial Hospital, the certified nursing assistant caressed an unconscious inmate being treated in the hospital’s detention area and capture it on video.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Ajayi’s cell phone video showed “a black male remove the clothing material around the female patient” and fondled her genital area.

Police said a fumbling Nigerian nurse (Ajayi) mistakenly video-taped his Wishard-issued ID card that hung around his neck. The court document said the video showed Ajayi’s name and the title care tech.

According to Eric Schmadeke, Marion County deputy prosecutor, “It’s always disturbing when someone in a position of trust violates that trust.”

Ajayi holds resident alien status. Police and prosecutors have alerted Immigration and Customs Enforcement leaders.

However, Schmadeke said investigation was fundamentally commencing.

There were 40,000 pictures and 17 videos on Ajayi’s cell phone. Investigators are trying to identify and locate every woman in the image in order to interview them. As soon as they do, Ajayi could face many more charges.


  1. I believe this man is sick and some kind of assistance. Looking healthy does not mean he is really not sick. His brains need to be examined. Glad he has been caught, that is the first step.

  2. Useless and foolish guy. Of all the women in America, it is a helpless patient that you decided to take advantage of. Someone you were supposed to take care of as your chosen profession demands. Useless beast disgracing people every where

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