UK: Nigerians Making a difference!

Some think the only way to make it abroad is through fraud (419, credit card), drug dealing and other illicit activities. However, there are some that are making a difference by taking the right channel. They believe in their-selves, they are bold, they are daring, they are passionate and they believe they can make a positive difference in Britain.

Meet some of the top Nigerians making a difference in the UK.

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  1. I’m pretty sure the prior poster doesn’t know what he’s talking about, lol. Anyways, good article and hope to read more like it soon. Have a merry Christmas.

  2. Good to see people like this doing something positive. We are tired of hearing about 419ners and forms of crimes.

  3. Positive news is always welcomed. Especially now that there have been to much negativity coming from that country and it’s people.

  4. RE-CLAIM NIGERIA.Fellow Nigerians,Nigeria belongs to all of us. Nobody has any geeatrr stake or right to her than you and I.We must therefore reclaim Nigeria from our tormentors. The present struggle is not just about the removal of subsidy on petroleum. It is also about good governance anda0 alsoabout a fight against the unbelievable level of corruption in government.a0Our tormentors said we must sacrifice to secure our future. No sermon is as powerful as a good personal example. They must lead by example and we would follow.Our demand should be the following and we would accept no less. It is also non-negotiable.OUR CHARTTERa01. THERE MUST BE IN PLACE A LAW THAT MAKES STEALING PUBLIC FUNDS AN OFFENCEa0 PUNISHABLE BY PUBLIC EXECUTION.a02. THE IMMUNITY CLAUSE MUST GO BOTH AT THE FEDERAL AND STATE LEVELS.a03. THE PRESIDENT MUST SELL OFF ALL THE AIRCRAFTS IN THE PRESIDENTIAL FLEET (the Prime Minister of Britain, a much bigger economy does not have one and travels with British Airways).a04. THE PRESIDENT’S SALARY AND ALLOWANCES MUST NOT EXCEED $200,000 (our President has no reason whatsoever, to earn more than the American President . for what?)a05. THE PRESIDENTIAL VILLA MUST BE SOLD OUT AND BE REPLACED WITH NO MORE THAN A 6BEDROOM HOUSE (the British Prime Minister lives in a 3-bedroom apartment).a06. FEEDING IN THE PRESIDENTIAL AND VP LODGE SHOULD NOT BE MORE THAN 1MILLION NAIRA PER MONTH. (Presently it is 90 milliona0Naira per month for both). >:Oa07. NO LEGISLATOR SHALL EARN MORE THANa0A PERMANENT SECRETARY.a08. NO GOVT OFFICIAL SHALL HAVE MORE THAN ONE OFFICIAL CAR.9. NO GOVT OFFICIAL OR APPOINTEE WOULD BE ENTITLED TO FOREIGN MEDICAL TREATMENT (whatever is provided for the citizens should be good enough for our officials).a010. THERE SHALL BE NO OFFICE OF THE FIRST LADY AT THEa0FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL GOVT LEVELS.This is our SOCIAL CONTRACT. Don’t just re broadcast, join the PROTEST: it’s a MUST!

  5. To put it harshly, what you hint at is rdiesual slave mentality. The solution is education. People need to be re-programmed, re-brainwahsed. Education. First and most powerful is to expose this slave mentality. If one will chose Milan over Aba or Kano one the basis of a label without regard to quality of the product, then such a one must be exposed as an ignorant and shallow slave. Teach social introspection. Encourage afrocentricity. Second. If Made in Aba can pass for Made in Milan, then the quality must be of a reasonable standard, so people need to be taught to take pride in our own work by emphasising the quality of materials and craftmanship involved in domestic production. Raise the appreciation of Aba and Kano and wherever else. People need to understand that we are just as good if not better in certain regards. Third. Made in Aba should surely be ‘less costly’ (for the ignorant would flinch at the word ‘cheaper’) than Milan – so you teach equal/better quality which is more affordable. On the plus side, if it’s happening in furniture, music, and obviously catching on in fashion, then hopefully critical mass is not far off and the spread into all other facets of our existence can be anticipated and encouraged.

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