Over the past few days, the Nigerian blogosphere has been rocked with the photo of a lady who allegedly jumped over the security barrier to get close to Dbanj at the Koko concert that was recently organised in the mega city of Lagos. How is this news? You might ask. However, knowing Nigeria and its citizens, a lady jumping over and exposing her p…y is a big deal, especially when she has no panties to cover her that place.

Nevertheless, the narration about the time, place and year of this incident was inaccurately reported according Zoliad. They can authoritatively disclose that the picture in question was taken in 2009 at a P-Square concert in Kenya. The lady in the midst of this whole saga is known as Torome Sision, a Kenyan actress.

At the time Torome played the part of sexpot ‘Rita’ on ’Tabasuma’ a soap opera on Kenya’s Citizen TV, she was also the face of Brookside Yoghurt, Kenya.

Regrettably, her antics resulted to her losing both roles. Torome currently lives in Nairobi Kenya.

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