Nigerian women have been ranked first in the world for being the most unfaithful partners in a relationship. According to the survey conducted by the manufacturers of Durex condom, 62% of the Nigerian women that were interviewed confessed to having cheated on their partners.

Other countries following Nigeria are for the 2011 most unfaithful women in the world are:

Thailand second place at 59%
Malaysia third place at 39%
Russia fourth place at 33% and
Singapore fifth place at 19%

The result was also conducted among their male counterparts and the rankings are as follows;
Thailand first position at 54%
South Korea second place at 34%
Malaysia third place at 33%
Russia fourth place at 32% and
Hong Kong fifth place at 29%

The survey results were based on interviews with 29,000 people in 36 countries.

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    • From the little I know, I’d say its a tie beeewtn ‘The Average Nigerian’ for putting up with the politics of corruption for all these years & ‘Ribadu’ for taking, what seems to be very bold, actions to curb corruption.

  1. is a complete LIE because in Nigeria we have culture that rejects abomination unlike if foreign contries where abomination is their they are trying to impose gay marriage on us

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  2. So they left out Ghana women and South African women and British women and pointed to Nigerian women? Nigerian Women!!!? You know, i never used to take those conspiracy theories seriously until now. It most have been Gay people disguised as Nigerian women that answered that survey – if indeed any such survey was conducted. Of all the countries in Africa they could have chosen, they chose Nigeria the most conservative in all matters sexual . Ha, ha ha ha, wonders never ceases.

    Arguing that Nigerian women are the most unfaithful in the world is like trying to convince someone that Thai women are the purest women in the world.

  3. has anyone bothered to look for the survey? Where’s the link? As far as i can see, this so called survey is running and running all over the net and yet there seem to be no source. Please if you can find the source – i don’t mean some dubious website – i want Durex actual statistic, please post.

    In the meantime anyone who believes Nigerian women would actually tell anyone that they are unfaithful then that person needs psychiatric help. Funny how some people go around on every site to call Nigerians lairs and cheats but happily believe that Nigerians would tell the truth about infidelity, the very thing most people deny even to themselves. in truth Nigerians are so prudish about sex, even Nigerian prostitutes in a brothel would deny infidelity.

    The only way i can see this happening is if Durex conducted an online survey. Because if they did then you can bet Ghanians and all the other Africans and Caribbeans who hate Nigerians would – if they come across it – answer for Nigerians. They would tick all the yes boxes or something.

    • NIGERIA; one of the greatest courtny in Africa is in a state of dilema, a state of continuous suffering, growing from bad to worse, roaming from problems to problems; infact, its democratic system has turned a system of dictatorship the opinion of the masses were never to be looked into instead selfish interest overruled.There is no doubt in me that this unfaithful removal of fuel subsidy has not only affected me and my company but also all Nigerian most especiall the fixed income earners.This state in which our Great Country is today has been making me to crying in the mind, paining me inwardly, creating fear in me for a better Nigeria.FOR HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO CONTINUE LIKE THIS?

  4. Thanks for sharing the information with us. I’ve always known these women cannot be trusted. This just confirms it 🙂

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  5. I quite disagree with this post. Nigerian women are in no way close to being the most unfaithful in the world. These people must add Nigeriain order to sell their negativity and destroy them syndrome. Rubbish and piece of garbage.

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