Fragile Love


An arranged marriage led to the death of two teenagers who took the Romeo and Juliet route as they could not imagine life without one another.

According to the Police, two teenagers jumped to their death from a mobile phone tower in Bangladesh after the girl was forced to go into marriage with another man. Their relationship and the way the teenagers committed suicide on Valentine’s day to avoid forced and arranged marriage could be said to be inspired by William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Police officer Sharmin said the boy called his brother and said the two were dying on Valentine’s Day to stay together forever. The teens tied their hands with a scarf before committing suicide today.

The incident occurred in the town of Gopalganj, 104 kilometres (65 miles) south-west of the capital.

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Sharmin quoted the families as saying the girl has married two months ago and sent to her husband’s home in Dhaka, the country’s capital.

According to reports, her husband was twice her age,
However, sixteen-year-old Mithu Mollah, secretly returned to meet 17-year-old Soud Sheikh. The teenagers were in their 10th grade.
Love affairs are frowned upon but widespread among young people in Muslim-majority Bangladesh.

Source: Daily Mail

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