New forms of money gambling emerge on a daily basis and people continue to fall for these scams hoping they will acquire fast cash. A recent incident has left a Cameroonian and French Gang trapped Over “Black Money Scam” in Pattaya.

Pattaya: Cameroonian and French Gang trapped Over “Black Money Scam”

Some couple of days ago, police Lt. Col Chitdecha Songhong, the chief of Thailand Transnational Coordination center arrested four suspects in the front of Lido hotel in Pattaya who were all charged with fraud. Among these suspects were two Cameroonians; Mr. Neba Fuh Frederick aged 28 years and Mr. Jean Messolo who is 36 years old. In addition, there was also a 26 years old man from Guinea known as Mr. Camara Ahmed as well as a 40 years old French man who was identified as Mr. Vincent Philipot.

After carrying out an investigation, the four suspects owned up to residing at Lido Hotel in room 301. There, the police found 6,000 squared papers cut to the size of US dollar bills, five bank notes of unknown origin, an aluminum box, and a piece of luggage. All the equipment were supposed to be used for “black money scam’’.

Pattaya: Cameroonian and French Gang trapped Over “Black Money Scam”

According to Pol. Lt.Col Chitdecha Songhong, the Chief of Thailand Transnation Coordination Center, these set of people including those that are yet to be discovered had cheated many people. These amounts range from $20,000-$50,000 per victim. They usually operate by claiming they can double the money for the targets. They start by cutting papers into the size of dollar bills and consequently soaking them into black ink. Finally, they deceive their victims to buy a chemical claimed to be used in washing the black ink in order to turn it into US dollar bills.

When their victims are finally convinced, they usually bring more money to buy the chemical. This is in anticipation that the black money will be washed and turned into US dollar. Unfortunately, this is never the case.

Pattaya: Cameroonian and French Gang trapped Over “Black Money Scam”

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