A woman was stabbed to death by a failed asylum seeker in Norway.

Norway: Failed Asylum Seeker Stabs Woman to Death

On a Wednesday the 11th of  January 2012, a 30 year old man was charged for stabbing a 38 year old Eritrean woman in Kristiansand, Southern Norway.

The victim was stabbed in the chest in an apartment in the city’s Grim district. The victim was rushed to the Sørlandet hospital where she was pronounced dead at 2am as she could not survive the injuries.

According to the police, they were not sure if the suspect was an Iraqi or Iranian, since he used two different identities. Chief investigator Geir Hansen said the suspect had received permission to remain in the country while he appeals a deportation order issued last year by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. The Eritrean victim on the other hand had received a permanent residency permit last year.

Investigator Hansen confirmed that both the victim and the attacker were registered on the same address where the stabling took place. He added that there were no witnesses when the incident took place, therefore they could not establish a motive or the attack yet.

Fædrelandsvennen newspaper reported that a prison hearing was scheduled for Thursday the 12th of January.

Police could not say whether it was the attacker or somebody else who alerted them to the attack at 1.46am on that Wednesday.

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