NORTH SOMALIA: An American was Kidnapped by Gunmen. This has become a normal occurrence in which are usually demanded for the release of the victims

NORTH SOMALIA: An American Kidnapped by Gunmen

On Saturday the 21 of January 2012, an American man was kidnapped in the Northern Somali town of Galkayo. According to Abdi Hassan Nur, a policeman who witnessed the incident. The gunmen surrounded the man’s car immediately after he left the airport. He was consequently forced into the car by the and taken away.

Galkayo, the town where the man was kidnapped is on the border between the semiautonomous northern region of Puntland and a region known as Galmudug. It is ruled by forces friendly to the U.N.-backed Somali government

According to the narrations of a minister from the Galmudug administration who requested for his identity to be anonymous because he was not permitted to speak with the press – the kidnaped victim is an American engineer who came to Somalia to carry out estimations on a project for the building of a deep- water port in the town of Hobyo. He said the American engineer was thoroughly beaten by the gunmen. In addition, his Somalia companion who pleaded with them not to take the man away was equally beaten.

Over the past five years, kidnapping for high ransom has become a common occurrence in Somali. In October, the gunmen kidnapped an American woman and a Danish man who were working for the Danish Demining Group in the same town. Till date, both of them are still being held by their .

Another case also occurred recently in which at least four aid workers, a French military official and a British tourist were taken from Kenya. At the moment, hundreds of sailors are being held captive by .

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