Nigerians in Finland carried out the “Occupy Nigeria” demonstration to support the on-going fuel subsidy removal protest. Even the snow and the freezing temperature could not stop the Nigerians in Finland from gathering together in order to say no to fuel subsidy removal.

Nigerians in Finland  Carried Out  the "Occupy Nigeria" Protest

Nigerians in the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (US), Belgium and now Finland are among the Nigerians in diaspora that have come out to say they reject the removal of fuel subsidy. According to one of the placards “Jonathan, does cassava bread cost 1 billion Naira?”. They are not only saying no to the subsidy removal, but to so many things that have gone wrong in the country. Things like, corruption in government, no electricity, bad road, unavailability of clean water and other basic needs that will enable the citizens to live a decent and productive lives.

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