An increasing number of city councils are refusing to cooperate with the government’s new quota for deporting illegal immigrants, the Telegraaf reported at the weekend.

Netherlands: More Councils Criticize Illegal Immigrant Deportation Quota

According to the telegraph, a collective number of city councils reject the government’s new measure for deporting illegal immigrants.

Justice ministry policy states 4,800 illegal immigrants should be deported this year, a 10% increase on 2011 – before formal quotas were introduced.

Nevertheless mayors from 17 cities reported on the “Nieuwsuur” television show that they were unhappy with the idea of deportation measures.

Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan pointed out that some couple of months ago, ministers were worried about police measures for fining cyclists with broken lights,’ and now deportation which is even more sensitive.

According to Annemarie Jorritsma major of Almere, the plan is ‘unnecessary and undesirable’ while Groningen’s Peter Rehwinkel said it is ‘wrong’. The mayors’ criticism follows concerns from refugee groups, police unions and politicians last week.

Leers and justice minister Ivo Opstelten said last Monday they want the police to play a more active role in identifying illegal immigrants.

‘We are going to help them do this and provide them with the tools so they can see much more quickly if someone is illegal or not,’ Leers said.

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