The crown for Miss Nigeria 2010 was enthusiastically contested by some students in the Netherlands. The contestants were predominantly Nigerians living in the Netherland. The votes were shared among contestants from a different school. Additionally, the SMS vote option also attracted some audience and dignitary across the country. Finally, the winner of Miss Nigerian 2010 in the Netherlands was announced in front of the audience. She is Miss Ndidi Aguzien, a 24 years old law student of The Hague University, the Netherlands.

The queen received her crown and stated that her vision was to “empower Nigerian and African women living in the Netherlands through education”. It was a thrilling event because the beauty pageants kept the crowd standing on their feet. Furthermore, the queen’s made a staged parade of the fashion show, dance, catwalk and a poise of beauty was on display.

This year Miss Ndidi Aguzien eagerly anticipated winning the forthcoming Beauty Pageant 2011 also organised in the Netherlands. A host of contestants was selected by the panel of judges to do the interview stage. After the interview screening, ten contestants were selected by the panel of judges to participate in the final stage of the talent presentation. Consequently, the queen, Miss Ndidi Aguzien, who was the winner of last year Miss Nigeria the Netherlands was nominated among the top ten beauty pageant for 2011 finalist.

Her messages to the audience are;
1. LOVE”: the one and only word to liberate us from the weight and pains of life.
2. The act of giving back without expecting something back. Meaning you should do it out of love.
3. And finally to vote for Miss Ndidi Aguzien as “Miss Excellence 2011” of the Netherlands.

Miss Ndidi Aguzien has obtained her first-year certificate from The Hague University. She is now furthering her law program at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Her vision is to empower Nigerian and African women through education in the Netherlands. In addition, she has participated in several projects that enable her to educate young women especially Africans living in the Netherlands. Her aim is to educate young women on sex abuse, safe sex, HIV, AIDS and teenage pregnancy.

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Presently, Miss Ndidi Aguzien is working with Rhymesquad Entertainment in Nigeria on her project and the queen said they are happy to support her vision and plans. Miss Ndidi Aguzien said, she loves people, and she loves giving, therefore she is planning to have a charity organisation with Rhymesquad Entertainment in Nigeria.

Her idea is to raise money and support young women in Africa. Ultimately, she wants is to be known internationally. She believes 2011 will do a lot to her personality and community and therefore seek support from the public. The Grand finale of 2011 will take place in Amsterdam on the 17th of December 2011.


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