Miss Italy in the World 2012 Call for Registration
Miss Italy in the World


Italy is organizing a special edition of miss Italy titled “Miss Italy in the World”. The competition is the first of its kind in Italy as it is the first time girls of non Italian heritage are allowed to participate. The pageant competition is free and open to all foreign girls residents in Italy. Participants who make it to the final stage of Miss Italy in the World – Special Edition will be given complete hospitality treatment at Montecatini Terme, which is the venue for the final contest.

To participate, candidates should be no less than 18 years of age on August 25, 20012 and no more than 26 on December 31, 2012. In addition, they need to have lived in Italy for a period of one year prior to their registration and participation.

Furthermore, participants need to meet the complete requirements as listed below in order to participate.


  1. Be resident in Italy for at least a year
  2. Meets all the requirements listed in paragraph 2 of the Rules of Competition.
  3. Be at least 18 (eighteen) years before the 25th of August 2012 and not more than 26 (twenty six) years before December 31, 2012;
  4. Never have won the title of MISS ITALY IN THE WORLD, the title of MISS ITALY or in the Title Coupled National Competition MISS ITALY, or having participated as a competitor in the pre-finals or the National Finals of the 2011 Select COMPETITION MISS ITALY.
  5. Not having won other beauty contests of national or international level in the year 2012 or the year 2011.
  6. Have never participated, or even appeared in pop music, movies, shows or performances which are generally pornographic or indecent.
  7. That they were never portrayed by their own will or otherwise with the consent to pose nude, indecent or otherwise;
  8. Not be bound to contracts of any kind, is being lectured both in execution, in the field of beauty contests, or similar to models.
  9. In any case have the full and unconditional availability of your image, your name and your voice, and not therefore be bound by the agency contracts, advertising or other forms that provide for sales, concessions or restrictions of rights on their behalf, on her image or voice.
  10. Accept in writing the Competition Rules Miss Italy in the World Special Edition.
  11. Submit: a) a valid identity document; b) a certificate of residence history, plain paper, issued by the Italian municipality in which you reside.

Registration will close on July 24. All candidates will be invited to a casting to be held in Rome on July 26 in a venue that will be announced later. A group of 20 chosen girls will gather in Montecatini Terme for the finals of the competition. The winner will receive 20,000 euros in contracts of employment.

Click this link for Miss Italy Italy in the World Special Edition rules and regulations.

Source: Miss Italia

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