Minister of State's Town Hall meeting  Disrupted by #OccupyNigeria  Protesters

On the 18th of January 2012, the #OccupyNigeria protesters disrupted a Town Hall meeting that was put together by a Nigerian Minister of State at the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York. The protest was led by the founder of Sahara Reporters, Sowore Omoyele. The minister of state for foreign affairs scheduled a meeting to speak to the Nigerian residents in New York

Minister of State's Town Hall meeting Disrupted by #OccupyNigeria Protesters

The group took the opportunity to protest against the corruption and the killing of innocent people in Nigeria. The chanted “No More” to accepting the wasteful manner of Nigerian politicians.

Nigerian Citizen’s were invited to the town hall meeting in order to explain the reason why the government feel the fuel subsidy removal was important. Beside the anger of corruption and wastefulness, the minister was one and a half hour late to the venue.


  1. That was a good one. These polithiefcians should be continually disgraced and ignored. Bunch of heartless criminals destroying our country and its future.

  2. Good for them. Thieves having meeting in other peoples land while the country we put in their hands to rule is crushing and nearly beyond redemption.

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