Makode Linde's Black Faces Project in the Royal Park in Stockholm

Swedish artist Makode Linde, known for his controversial “blackface cake”, continues to work with his high-profile art project “Afromantics” which will feature black faces. Right now the artist is looking for 13 volunteers for a performance in the Royal park in Stockholm on 8 and 9 June. Participants will sit at a table, eating good food and drinking wine.

“I have already received many responses, and I’m pleased that more than half of them are black women. It’s flattering because it is the group that I allegedly mocked,” says Makode Linde in the Swedish magazine Kultur.

The black faces project is a kind of paraphrase of the “Last Supper”. The installation is part of Linde’s “Afromantics” series, but it will also be a living replica of the earlier works of art of the “Last Supper” made by other artists throughout history.

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In the videos (with English subtitles) Makode explains the concept behind his black faces work.

Source: Afro-Europe

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