Longest Veil Bride Got Her Groove in Guinness Book
Elena De Angelis

Elena De Angelis got her grove when she made the residents of Casal di Princice stand still. She wanted to make her wedding memorable, extraordinary and unforgettable. That has gotten her into the Guinness Book of Records as the bride with the longest veil (Longest Veil Bride).

The veil is said to be approximately 3km (1.86 miles) long and about 600 persons had to help carry the veil during the processional.

More Photos below;

Source & Photo Credits: The Daily Mail UK


  1. Good luck to the couple. I guess everyone wants to be famous in our modern way and some people will find every means to get that attention they crave for.

  2. This is punishment. There is nothing elegant about such an extraordinary long veil. Wonder what some people consider to be special and important to them. Rubbish accompanied with a very, very, long hiss!

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