Justine De Jonckheere,Miss Belgium 2011

Laura Beyne, aged 19, from Brussels is the new Miss Belgium. She was born on the 25th of May 1995 and is of Belgian and Congolese heritage. She is passionate about dancing and fitness. The reason she participated in the contest is because she has always dreamed of becoming Miss Belgium.

Beauty from Brussels, Laura Beyne was being crowned as Miss Belgium 2012 by Justine De Jonckheere who is the outgoing miss Belgium. Jonckheere was Miss Belgium 2011. The event took place at the Casino de Knokke in Knokke-Heist on Sunday coronation night of 8th January 2012.

Laura Beyne will represent Belgium in Miss World 2012 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia on 18th August 2012 and/or Miss Universe 2012.

Twenty candidates took part in the Miss Belgium 2012 beauty pageant contest. The candidates themselves elected Sophie Boulanger (20) from Terwagne Miss Sympathy. A blond, Aurore De Geest, was chosen as First Lady-in-Waiting while Jade Moens was her second.

The pageant show was broadcast on Star Digital TV, French Life!, Flemish TV,  as well as on RTL Belgium.

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Miss Belgium 2012 Semifinalists:

MISS BELGIUM 2012 Laura Beyne (Brussels)
FIRST RUNNER-UP Aurore De Geest (Gosselies)
SECOND RUNNER-UP Jade Moens (Bierges)

Miss Belgium 2012 Semifinalists

Aurore De Geest ,Jade Moens

Laura Beyne’s Profile and Photo Gallery:

NAME Laura Beyne
BIRTH DATE 25th May 1992
AGE 20 years
HEIGHT 172 cm
COUNTRY Belgium and Congo
LANGUAGES English, French and Dutch
EDUCATION Real Estate Agent – 1st-year student
HOBBIES Dance, Fitness and spending time with friends
FAVOURITE MOVIES Romance, Thriller and Drama
FAVOURITE DRESS Jeans and High Heels
Miss Belgium 2012
Miss Brussels 2012-First runner-up
NEXT MAJOR CONTEST Miss World 2012 or Miss Universe 2012

Laura Beyne,miss world belgium 2012,miss belgium world 2012

Credit: VRT | Live Wire World Blogspot.


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