KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice. Watch the video and share your views.


  1. Why did it take so many years for this video to be out. Especially when the condition must have changed? Rubbish i must say.

  2. I must admit i was disappointed with the vrientiew today and am confused by a lot of the comments. While i respect everyone’s right to their own opinions, i would encourage you to first watch the entire video before criticizing or deterring others to watch the video because of misinterpretations you may have (based on a caller). I watched from start to finish because i felt the video was well done and i was captivated by the story it was telling. I thought journalism was to provide a story objectively and allow the readers, listerners etc to make their own determination on their take on the story without bias. Unfortunately however, i felt Roz lead his vrientiew with pessiciscm and an accusing and doubtful tone. I agree, if people are questioning the method and the financials then Roz and Mocha should ask but it was just the way in which it was done. Invisible Children does disclose their financial statements from previous years on their website. The question should not be how much have you got in the last 48 hours almost insinuating he’s out for a lot of money for himself, but perhaps to ask how the money that’s donated or pledged is being used and whether they had a ration such as 50% directly towards their programs (also listed on their site), 10 % promotional costs such as flyers, website, t-shirts, 20% for administrative costs such as rent, travel to and from Africa etc and 20% to perhaps their salaries if that’s the case. They deserve a salary. They are making this their full-time life work, taking them away from their famalies at times and perhaps even putting themselves in danger. Monies for other chairities do the same.Also, Roz acted as this is just yet another time when America is expected to save the day and i have to disagree. While Jason has obtained US military help, i believe he is a US cititzen so it’s natural for him to start with his own government. But Jason is taking it many steps further and reaching out to people globally, to create awareness globally and to encourage others to go to their leaders (as he did his) and push for support to capture this man. Whether it works in the end or not, (i beleive it will), i applaud Jason Russell for taking action and dedicating himself to this cause.One last thing, i’m very disappointed and saddened really that Roz thinks that as normal everyday average citizens can make a difference (he aired his doubts this morning). As one voice speaking we may be less influencial but in mass numbers we truly can make a difference. Just like when donating say to Haiti Relief, donating $1 may be all someone can afford but if everyone did that together that could make a huge difference. Together people can make a difference. Perhaps if Roz realized how much even his opinion can persuade or disuade others to action he would realize that one person’s opinion can impact others and make a difference.Why not use that to support a good cause.Game on Kony . SURRENDER.

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