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It’s an Exceptional time to be a Black Actress, says Kerry Washington.


The actress is among the five women who will be honoured on February 2012 at the Black Woman in Hollywood luncheon. The actress covers the magazine’s March 2012 topic as a part of the honour. Washington looks stylish and confident in her white gown and she told the Essence Magazine that the flow is turning to the Black Woman in Tinseltown.

Furthermore, she said, it is truly unique to be a woman of colour in this business and that the landscape of who has the power is changing. Women are influential and this honour has allowed us to have a saying in the stories that are told. I feel very lucky to be in the business now and I am proud of this.

The 35-year-old beauty will star in Shonda Rhimes’s upcoming drama Scandal this spring, she is the first Black actress to lead a drama based on a real-life Black woman. She urged filmmakers to consider Black stories and consider Black actresses, in particular, for the role, even for characters whose descriptions don’t specify race.

Washington is positive that women of colour have the power of transformation and changing society.  Moreover,  she said, we have the power to be distinctive and sexy and different, humorous, heartfelt. All of these things I consider a larger purpose in life and this is what kept me in the business.

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The Black Women in Hollywood luncheon will be held on February the 23rd  at the Beverly Hills Hotel and will be streamed live at

Source: BET

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