The competition to have a bigger bum and curvy hips than the other woman is real as a lot of African ladies are turning to artificial bum and hips enhancers. Many people would assume that when it comes to such sensitive body parts like the bum and hips, you either have them or you don’t. But now there is a middle ground and it is big business. Urban Kenyan women are now flocking beauty shops to purchase what you can only call fabulous fakes or simply put, artificial bum and hips enhancers. And as NTV’s Jane Ngoiri reports, the users have absolutely no apologies to make to anyone for wearing these artificial bum and hips enhancers.

More and more women want to be bootylicious like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, and if they don’t have it naturally, they’re are ready to pay a surgeon to give it to them. For those who cannot afford surgery, artificial bum and hips enhancers seem to be the answer to their ultimate look.

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