Integrate and Learn to Speak Dutch!

Living in the city of The Hague or the Dutch society begins with speaking Dutch. As migrant, if you want to live and settle in the Netherlands it is particularly imperative that you learn to write, read, understand and speak Dutch. Moreover, it is essential that you also learn how Dutch people live, work and socialize.

Integration involves the knowledge of how people work, live and relate together in a society. The Dutch government has provided an educational program call “inburgering”, meaning integrating all migrants together, to get the basic knowledge of Dutch language. The language programs can be undertaken at various cities in the Netherlands. Foreigners can follow a Dutch course and practice the language by speaking it with a native speaker (language coach).

Lnguage coaches are teachers trained to lecture in a-mixture-of subjects such as, Dutch culture and Dutch society. At the end of these courses it is mandatory for student to undertake an examination to enable the teacher access if the student has attained the basic knowledge of Dutch culture and language. Furthermore, the student will be awarded a certificate which indicates that her level and knowledge of the Dutch Language.

The purpose of Integration is to learn Dutch and the culture. This is particularly unavoidable for people who want to live and work in the Netherlands. You can integrate by following a Dutch Language course which is generally paid for by the city council.

Do you want to learn and speak Dutch fluently? If yes, contact the municipality in your city. You are welcome to the Haagse Taalplien, Calandstraat 12 The Hague, from Monday to Friday between 8.30am – 5:00pm. Unit Inburgering Gemeente Den-Haag.


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