Fatou Bensouda: African First and Female Chief Prosecutor of the ICC

Fatou Bensouda is the first African to become a chief prosecutor at the ICC (International Criminal Court) in the Hague, the Netherlands.The 50-year-old woman from Gambian will be replacing the ICC’s out going chief prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo.


    • Just to reiterate what my pdcreeessors have already alluded to. In the US, which happens to have the most developed anti-racist system (though still very imperfect), there is a fundamental difference between intentional racism and so-called disparate impact. If a policy, though racially neutral on its face, has the practical effect of excluding / severely limiting a minority’s viewpoint, then that policy is racially discriminatory. Whether that amounts to racism qua racism is a somewhat different topic. But the point is indeed, as has already been stated, that there is no need for a smoking gun for racial discrimination or race to be an issue. In fact, Mark, under your model, there’s practically no way to discern racism bar the ICC issuing a resolution formally endorsing by majority vote racial discrimination as an official policy. Then, and only then, would your test of intent be met. Because if, say, Ocampo happens to say something racist, then what does that really say about the ICC as a whole anyway?A separate issue that needs to be raised is that this post and many others on the web throw around these accusations of neo-colonialism, etc., but how many countries have as a matter of policy actually denounced the court in those terms? The AU doesn’t talk about neo-colonialism in its official resolutions? Who does that leave? I would be curious to know.

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