Video Interview: D'Banj On Sahara TV With Chika Oduah

During the Nigerian fuel subsidy negotiation and the occupy Nigeria demonstration, some celebrities took to the streets and demonstrated with the citizen while some other aired their views on other platforms. Nigerians were expecting to hear what D’banj has to as they believed his campaign made a lot of youth vote for the current administration. while they were waiting, their anger was triggered by a tweet from D’banj stating he was in London shooting a music video.

Watch D’Banj on Sahara TV as he was interviewed by Chika Oduah to addressed some questions related to the fuel subsidy and the occupy Nigeria Demonstration. Enjoy!!!

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  1. Well, the guy need to take care of business right? Do you want him to go hungry and bankrupt? Shooo

  2. D’banj, even if you are up there, you still need to be compassionate and sensitive to the needs of your fan. wherever you are now, without them you would have been nothing.

  3. How many of you stopped going to work or quitted their work in order to participate in occupy Nigeria? And if you did not, why would you want D’banj to start earning his living. Jealous and yeye people.

  4. D’banj, you should have been a bit diplomatic about the way you answer your questions. That was unprofessional of you.

  5. Please let D’banj be. Even if he had attended or said something, what difference would it have made?

  6. It is well. Nigeria shall regain it’s glory someday. Until then, i’ll continue to cry and pray for my fatherland.

  7. You people should go and remove the log in your eyes before scrutinising and criticising D’banj. Yeye people. They did will do their demonstration on their computer with fakes names and no faces and want others to do otherwise. Rubbish!

  8. Well, that is the tradition. Nigerians only complain when they are not benefitting, when they do, they seal their mouth and pretend they are unaware of the situation. E go better someday o.

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