Chris Brown is on his way to prison if he continue to get himself in trouble. This is because the artist has been involved in a Miami phone snatching scandal. In 2009, the music artist admitted to assaulting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna after the Grammy Awards show. The Judges gave him condition to stay away from Rihanna, and one of the conditions was for him to stay away from any trouble that involves the law.

Chris Brown is on his Way to Prison
However, Chris brown managed to stay out of lawful trouble for the past three years. Lately it seems like Chris brown have put himself into a problem that could send him to jail since it involves a lawful case which he had been warned of; “Phone robbery”. He snatched an iPhone of a 24 years old fan on Sunday morning while leaving the Beach night club, saying the fan will not put the picture on the website, and went away with the phone.

According to the South Beach police, an arrest warrant is on its way and Chris Brown will be charged for robbery by sudden snatching.

This is rather an unfortunate incident for Chris brown. Some couple of weeks ago, his lawyers made an attempt to get him off the hook for the rest of his trial, but did not succeed as a Los Angeles judge insisting that he must stay under the supervision of a trial officer.

This incident happened in a very bad time when Chris Brown and his purported ex and now current girlfriend Rihanna just reconciled after their separation in 2009 as a result of assaulting Rihanna living her with bruises all over her face. The couple re-united in songs, and recently there were rumors that they have reconciled in romance as well.

Although this couple find it normal to re-unite, Rihanna’s advisor Jay-Z who console her after 2009 beating by the alleged boyfriend Chris Brown, find their re-unification disgusting, and is very disappointed with Rihanna for returning to her aggressor. In addition, the friends of both Rihanna and Chris Brown think it is not a good idea for these two to come back together.

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