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For the first time in its history, a Cameroon lesbian triangle case goes to court. A local reporter told the BBC that three women in Cameroon were accused of practising homosexuality. The three women who involve in a lesbian love triangle appear before the court in their country. The case against lesbian was believed to be the first such case ever reported in court. Homosexual acts are punishable by up to five years in prison if found guilty.

According to Randy Joe Sa’ah, the BBC’s reporter, it’s the first known case involving women and it is not that common for men and women to be taken to court over homosexual acts. Last year four men were convicted on such charges. Homosexually is widespread in Cameroon, husband or wife goes to police and report their spouse, he says

Roger Takala, a journalist based in Ambam, south of Yaounde, told the BBC that crowds packed into the court to hear the charges against the three women. Takala said the three women were arrested in the town, following a quarrel between two alleged lesbian lovers. One partner accused the other of infidelity with a married woman, the argument escalated and the husband of the married woman was told about the immoral behaviour.

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Homosexual acts are banned in most African countries, in Liberia and other West Africa country, a senate committee is currently debating a proposal to tighten laws banning same-sex relationships. In Uganda, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was newly reintroduced to parliament. The enforcement was to increase punishments for any person practising homosexuality.

Police said the case of the three women has been adjourned until 8 March 2012

Source: BBC

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