Beyoncé and Baby Blue Ivy Takes a Stroll in New York City

Beyonce takes her newly born, baby Blue Ivy Carter out for a stroll in New York City. Also with them was her mother Tina Knowles, who is Ivy Blue’s grand mother.

Beyoncé and Baby Blue Ivy Takes a Stroll in New York City


  1. Oh please, I hate the cmoparison between Beyonce and Flea-anna! Why?? BECAUSE THERE IS NONE! I’m sorry but B wins by default (and by a landslide in talent and body shakin) although Rhianna is easy on the eyes she’s only 19, she hasn’t even got her grown-women-weight on yet to be compared to B! (which usually comes a lil after turning 23) So until then I wont even put her in the same category, so lets wait till then to see if the Shut up and Drive is still holding onto that Umbrella-ella-ella

  2. Forget her gown, lets talk about the BS. She looks AMAZING but who is she fooling? Everybody knows cetierilbes make their designer babies through surrogates and wear those pregnant body suits to fool the public for 9 months. Either that or they have expensive mini surgeries to help with the weight loss. Yes breastfeeding does work but personally my hormones were so out of whack, even the idea of counting calories just made me mad and I was still EXHAUSTED. Breastfeeding is time consuming and it hurts and the benefits of weight loss through breastfeeding GREATLY reduce when pumping. Because of the convenience of formula and most lifestyles, MOST modern women can’t commit to breastfeeding for more than a couple months if nothing else but for fear that they are starving their babies. Formula can be measured and monitored. I give ANY woman able to breastfeed exclusively applause but I HIGHLY doubt that superstar Beyonce with an incredibly busy lifestyle had a baby clasped on her nipple all day long. Working out?? I followed the doctors orders and rested for the first 8 weeks after baby. Plus where the hell did she find TIME to work out? My baby had mommy-radar, anytime I left her side while she was asleep she would wake up crying. There were so many times that I had to make a bottle with one hand because putting her down meant tears. I admit I’m probably envious, but I just hate how celebs are always trying to make it look sooo easy. I get tired of reading how so-and-so got their pre-preg body back in 2 months! It can happen but it’s not that easy.It took me 3 months to lose my baby weight BUT I didn’t even get the energy back until DD was 4 months old and I had to wait another month until she approved it by taking longer naps. Plus I didn’t see the point of focusing that time for bonding with my super new baby on frustrating diets and exercise! When I was ready, it was time. I wasn’t going to rush it. Pregnancy is different for everyone and maybe Beyonce is super queen of them all and everything went perfect for her but when I got pregnant I was sure I would exercise throughout it and get back to jogging the month after. Reality: I was sick and exhausted EVERYDAY of my pregnancy and gained so much weight that I was still exhausted AFTER birth.

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