ASYLUM seekers and other immigrants are pocketing compensation cheques the size of lottery wins by suing the Agency.

New Policy Set To Make Permanently Settling In the UK Difficult

A staggering £5.2million has been shared out among the top 60 claimants over the past three years.

Last year alone the UKBA paid £14.2million in compensation, ex-gratia payments and legal fees.

One refugee got £170,000 while two others had £150,000 each. In 2009, one was awarded £200,000.

Over the three years, 20 claims were settled for more than £100,000 for incidents such as being detained too long or being hurt in custody.

In some cases the money is given to failed asylum seekers after they have left Britain.

Tory MP Priti Patel, who uncovered the figures, said: “Many of those receiving compensation will be illegal immigrants who should not even be in Britain.”


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