Voicing her opinion … ALEXANDRA Burke is the latest Simon Cowell protege to show support for his rival show The Voice.

The 2008 X Factor winner – still signed to Cowell’s Syco label – confessed she can’t wait to have a marathon viewing session of the BBC1 hit singing contest.

She told TV Biz: “I’ve got all the episodes of The Voice on Sky+. I’ll be watching them all as soon as I get a chance.”

But Cowell, who has shunted BGT to a later start time from next Saturday after losing the ratings battle, will be unimpressed by another of his stable of stars supporting the opposition.

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Pop babe Alex, follows X Factor host Dermot O’Leary, Xtra Factor’s Caroline Flack and Cowell’s right-hand woman Sinitta in singing The Voice’s praises.

Cheeky Dermot risked his boss’s wrath when he admitted: “I love The Voice. I honestly thought it was terrific. Tom Jones and Jessie J were incredible. I want the show to do well.”

And Caroline tweeted last week: “Trying to play The Voice at home but we don’t have swivel chairs.

“So we have decided to go in the wardrobe and come out if we like the voice.” And even Simon’s ex Sinitta admitted: “It’s really good and Jessie J is extraordinary. Simon will be watching avidly – even if he says he isn’t!”

Source: The Sun UK


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