A Nigerian UK Border Agent Has Been Jailed for Visa Fraud

A Nigerian UK Border Agent has been jailed for visa fraud. Fifty-three year old Mr Samuel Shoyeju has been sentenced to a seven year jail term after it was found out he issued 44 indefinite leave to remain visas to non EU citizens who have no right of abode in the UK.

According to Judge Christopher Mitchell,

Actions like yours call into question in the public mind the entire integrity of the immigration system when, at the present time, immigration and immigration decisions are extremely sensitive. He added that, the case threatened to undermine the hard-won reputation for “probity and honesty” of British civil servants.

Basildon Crown Court heard the “treasured status” which Mr Shoyeju bestowed on his recipients gave them the privilege to apply for benefits, work, live in the UK as well as apply for a British passport.

Mr Shoyeju’s beneficiaries are believed to be Nigerians who have been identified as “overstayers” and those who have been asylum seekers. Out of the 44 letters he approved, only 14 of them have been identified so far. This means that about 30 of recipients are yet to be identified.

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