A mother killed her two sons in Aalst, Belgium

A mother with a Dutch nationality living in Aalst Belgium, has taken the lives of her two sons.

The woman is originally from Angola.  According to reports, Mrs Landustrie has been having illusions of her children being devils and vampires who want to drink her blood. She abused the children for over two hours before they died. She beat and hit the children with spoons, dishes and everything she could lay her hands on.

Landustrie was arrested with bruises as the children tried to fight back in other to stay alive. However, they were unable to achieve this. Their young and innocent lives were cut short by a mother who was supposed to protect them.

According to neighbours, there were serious noises coming from the house. She was said to be shouting and screaming “Enemies, Devils”. The incident took place in the night while her partner was away from home.

From the reports received from a forensic psychiatrist, mrs Landustrie will not be facing a jury. She has been confirmed to be mentally unhealthy and therefore cannot be held responsible for her crimes. The woman will be locked up in a mental institution until she is no longer a threat to the society.


  1. She was having dementia and nobody care to seek help for her. So sad, innocent kids had to pay the ultimate price.

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