On Friday the 13th of January 2012, Somali pirates were captured in the Indian Ocean by the Royal Navy. It was reported that the RFA Fort Victoria and a US Navy vessel intercepted the pirate’s boat, which had refused to stop despite warning shots from a royal Navy helicopter.

13 Somali Pirates in the Royal Navy's Net

The Royal marine captured 13 pirates and seized their weapons. According to the Defense Secretary Mr. Philip Hammond, “ UK troops, part of a Nato-led force could be proud of this success”.

The minister Mr. Hammond said that, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines guarantees that international sea lanes are vital to global trade and therefore are doing their utmost best in securing and protecting the lanes.

A Ministry of Defense spokesman said the suspected pirates had been placed on board RFA Fort Victoria “while investigations continue to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to prosecute”.

He added that this operation is clear evidence that the British are able and capable of dealing with piracy of any sort that threatens our interest.

This firm and positive action will also send a clear message to other Somali pirates that we will not tolerate their attacks on international shipping.



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