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Zimbabwean Woman of Malawian Origin Murdered and Stuffed in a Suitcase in Dublin

A Zimbabwean woman of Malawian origin has been brutally murdered in Dublin, Ireland, and her body stuffed in a suitcase.

A Zimbabwean Woman of Malawian Origin murdered and stuffed in a suitcase in Dublin, Ireland. According to the Irish Times, the suitcase was found dumped near some rubbish bins where forensic officers spent hours carrying out fingertip searches. The 26-year-old woman was been identified as Rudo Mawere, who has been a student in Ireland for the past two years. According to friends and acquaintance, she had been in a relationship with a Zimbabwean man.

As officers carry out their investigation to find out the young student’s family, it was unclear whether she was a Zimbabwean with a Malawian passport or a Malawian with ties to Zimbabwe. Some Zimbabweans are known to have acquired Malawian passports to gain entrance into the UK. Those who later claimed asylum found themselves being sent to Malawi as a result of failed asylum application.

Rubbish was removed piece by piece from bins on St David’s Terrace, Blackhorse Avenue, on Dublin’s north side near the Phoenix Park. Police have also been trawling through CCTV footage from local shops in a bid to identify who may have been in the area on Saturday night.

They believe the woman had been strangled or suffocated and her remains taken to the spot where she was dumped beside some wheelie bins.

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She had a plastic bag over her head and was fully clothed when found in the hold-all bag. The discovery was made early yesterday.

The deceased was wearing jeans, boots, a top and a jacket when found. Police  believe she was killed on Saturday, her remains stuffed into the 2ft by 4ft bag.

Witnesses have told police they saw the bag as early as 7pm on Saturday but had no idea there was a body inside. The deceased was found at about 8.30am yesterday on St David’s Terrace when a passerby went to investigate the contents of the bag.

When it was opened, the woman’s body was clearly visible.A large crime scene was immediately sealed off, with traffic into the area blocked for most of yesterday.

The bag containing the remains of her body was left untouched until Deputy State Pathologist Dr Michael Curtis arrived at the scene to carry out a preliminary examination. After the completion of his examination, the bag with the body still inside was taken to Beaumont Hospital in north Dublin where it was X-rayed to find more information and clues.

Police sources said this was done in order that the investigating team would have a clear record of the positioning of the body in the bag in the event this may somehow aid the investigation at a later date. Then the remains were taken to the State pathology facility in Marino.

An autopsy was carried out there by Dr Curtis. While the exact results of the examination were not released at the time the Irish times wrote published this article, it was concluded that the woman was either strangled or suffocated.

The Africa Centre, a charity promoting social inclusion of African people in Ireland, condemned the “gruesome” killing of the woman.

“The death of this lady is shocking and dumping her in a suitcase is unimaginable,” the centre’s chief executive, Eric Yao, said.

Mr Yao appealed to anyone with information about the woman or the circumstances surrounding her death to contact the Africa Centre or police.

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  1. It’s amazing how one minute you say you love someone and you kill them the next minute and try to cover it up. And that Africans have the guts to commit these crimes even while they are immigrants in another man’s country is mind blowing.

  2. The heart of man. Evil andwicked. That a man can do this to someone he claim to love is unimaginable. I weep for my people.

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