[dropcap]Y[/dropcapOMG, this is not good, Christina Aguilera  was snapped leaking while she was singing at Etta James funeral.

Oh No: Christina Aguilera Leaking While Singing At Etta James Funeral

Oh No: Christina Aguilera Leaking While Singing At Etta James FuneralI guess Christina Aguilera needs some break to sort herself out. This is so not her. She used to be that girl that took good care of herself. And by the way, how old is she now? She is just way too young to be in this messy and embarrassing situation.

Dear Christian, a multi-million dollar artist, rocking Louboutins, dinning in the worlds finest restaurants, sleeping in top class and elite hotels, with over ten years experience of stage performance should not be caught leaking on stage. That is so NO, NO, NO Christina!!! Please take some good care of yourself girl.

Photo Credit: Media Take Out

It was later revealed that leaking Christina Aguilera’s problem was actually from streaks of fake tan spray running through her legs and not her menstrual period. As it was earlier thought of. Hmm, guess its time to use some quality products girl!

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  1. Aw, glad she was actually not leaking 🙂 Love Christina Aguilera. However, i would advice her to use quality tan spray next time.

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