Young entrepreneurs, Esther Longe, 28, and Natalia Thomas, 25, both from London, could not believe that their love for hair could ever turn into a lucrative business. Esther and Natalia, who both applied for the Start-Up Loans scheme via Positive Inclusions, have now set up their new brand of quality female hair extensions – ‘We Love Hair’.

After years of spending large sums of money purchasing hair from friends and hard to reach hair suppliers; hair ‘junkie’ Esther Longe; decided to take matters into her own hands and began her small at-home business of selling hair. “I was shocked with the prices people were selling their hair and the price it was being paid for.” explains Esther.

Determined to make the finest virgin hair extensions and lace closures affordable to the market, things began to appear brighter for Esther, as word started spreading and clients began increasing. “From word of mouth I began to have clients and loyal customers who bought hair from me all the time. One of which was Natalia Thomas who is now my business partner”

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Esther, who works as an Employment Support Officer at a housing association called Affinity Sutton and Natalia, a full-time Customer Servicer Assistant for London Underground soon realized that financially they were unable to reach their maximum potential in order to succeed in the hair business.

Turning to Positive Inclusions for financial help, Esther and Natalia have recently launched their website We Love Hairx (offering the first 50 customers a 20% discount) and will soon be launching internationally, kicking off with Germany. “The loan has made a huge difference; the team was very friendly and easy to talk to, and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to set up a business and could do with funding.”

Positive Inclusions, who are delivery partners for Start-Up Loans, seeks to offer mentoring and financial support to young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-30 across the UK.

Positive Inclusions have been relatively keen to provide ‘We Love Hair’ with the correct support which they were seeking in order to give their business the exact push it needed to survive and flourish.

To apply for the government-backed loan, please visit: Positive Inclusions

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  1. Well done girls! It is really great to see all these young ladies taking to entrepreneurship. I hope this will uplift the standard of black people in the UK. I really love this trend.

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