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You Can Actually Rent A Groomsman In Nigeria

In Nigeria, the groom usually select his groomsmen from his family members and close friends. Out of these groomsmen, the man of the day will select his best man. But it looks like the trends are changing now.

A few days ago, a Twitter user posted several tweets in a search of a groomsman to rent and pay. At first, it looked like it was a joke, but when he continued tweeting the criteria to the selected, how much would be paid for the service, the perks that follows the service, and even negotiating with interested Twitter users, we thought it was a good idea to share it with our readers and also find out their views.

On the topic, a Nairaland commenter that goes by the username Bellville wrote: “I actually know someone who rented grooms men for his wedding. There is a group of 5 guys in Abesan estate who act as grooms men. They have different suit colours. Just name your colour and provide a car for pick up to the venue.”

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On the Btitish accent criterion @EZEIGBO1OFIMO wrote” “Inferior Nigerian; whats so special about the UK accent.”

But @Lionsclaw quickly sho him down saying: “Common just stop this nonsense. You guys have started again. What is wrong with accent. Its like saying you are inferior because you like taking vodka to ogogoro. Its just your choice based on how it appeals to you. I like the way hausa language sound and dont mind learning it just because of how it sounds to my ears, but give me money I wont speak calabar. So is it for anyone who use american or uk accent, their choice; their taste ok? Na as the thin sweet them for ear. Haters everywhere in naija. Talk of too much sun and poverty though grin.”

See some of the tweets below and share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Answer one or more of the following questions with your comment.
If you were a groom, would you rents a groomsman?
What do you think about such a service?
If you’re a young man, would become a groomsman to a stranger and get paid?
Have you offered such a service before?
Are bridesmaids also for rent?

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  1. What has technology and social media turned our world and culture to? People no longer have real friends and are willing to allow strangers be their groomsman on such a special day. Aw, the death of culture.

  2. Like seriously

  3. Rubbish of rubbish

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