Alexandra Burke, former X-Factor winner to replace Kelly Rowland for tonight’s X-Factor show. The emergency replacement was done after Kelly Rowland was reported to be sick and could not return for tonight’s X-Factor show.

The ‘Broken Heels’ singer, who was crowned champion of the show in 2009, has agreed to stand in for the former Destiny’s Child singer as she is too sick to return from the US.

Burke, 23, who is still working on her second album, will be taking charge of Kelly’s ‘Girls’ group for the evening was confirmed for the slot earlier today via the show’s official Twitter.

They tweeted: “NEWS: Tonight’s guest judge will be #XFactor will be @AlexandraMusic!” While Alexandra tweeted earlier: “Its all about Girl power tonight ! Let’s get it IN !!!! #XFACTOR”

Kelly was involved in a bitter argument with her fellow judge Tulisa last weekend, as the pair bickered over the N-Dubz’ singer’s comments regarding Misha B and Kelly quickly fled to the US, leading some to believe that she was fed up of the show.

According to The Mirror, Kelly denied that her absence is down to her bullying row with Tulisa, even though Tulisa had admitted that Kelly was giving her the silent treatment.

An emotional Kelly, who is hooked up to an IV drip said: “I am so sick. I have no idea what is wrong with me, but I have the worst sore throat. I’ve been in tears all week.”

The ‘Motivation’ singer also added: “It got so bad I was forced to stop eating and drinking. I was so dehydrated, the doctor put me on a drip.”

As Entertainmentwise reported earlier, Kelly’s trip back to the US following her on-air row with Tulisa led many to believe that she was gearing up to leave the show.

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“There was a feeling she was fed up with the show. It seemed like she was in a strop,” a source told The Mirror.

It was thought that Nicole Scherzinger, who will be performing on the show, would be taking a seat on the panel tonight but after her disastrous show on X Factor USA perhaps she’s keen to have a break from being a judge?

Kelly had a row with judges Tulisa and Louis. The disagreement occurred when Tulisa and Louis accused Misha B. of bullying and being over confident. You can watch the video here!

Source: OMG Yahoo


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  2. Hahaha, its better than nothing. Alexandra only had to do that for one day. Impossible to replace Sweet, talented and gorgeous Kelly Rowland.

    • I’m so proud of you Free. Your music is timeless. I’ve never heard soeomne spit/sing such realness other than Lauryn.Even on She( I think your talking about your behind) but the way you sing it is so real and just very classy in a different light than i’ve ever heard. I hope this is just the beginning because I need more. Your fans love you and you NEVER LEFT.

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