World cup 2014 hosts Brazil suffered one of the most humiliating defeats in the game’s history as Germany scored five times in the first half in reaching the final. Four of the 5 first goals where scored within 6 minutes – which is an average of one goal in every 1.5 minute. Andre Schurrle added two more goals to the German’s victory after the break making it 7 before Oscar’s late consolation goal for Brazil.

It was total despair for the Brazilian fans inside Estadio Mineirao as some of them were seen weeping profoundly due to the epic humiliation that was meted to their team from the German machines. Watching the German’s win Brazil the way they did at this world cup semi-final was like watching a building collapse in slow motion.

Germany will play either Argentina or the Netherlands – who face each other on Wednesday – in Sunday’s final. #WorldCup2014: Germany vs Brazil

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