It is an understatement to say that women love their jewellery collections. Look into any woman’s jewellery box and you could probably figure out a lot about the woman who wears them. Today’s jewellery seems to reflect each woman’s very unique and personal style. What will be interesting is to see what will be touted as this decade’s most popular jewellery choice. Like clothing, jewellery fashions and trends change about every decade. What jewellery favourites now will be remembered years later? That gold chain with 3 hearts a young mother wears now might be fondly remembered when her grandchildren come across a photograph of their grandmother wearing her favourite necklace.

Why Women Love Their Jewellery

Like fashion again, some jewellery looks do come back around again. Chokers were all the rage in the 70’s, but they were a hit back in the 1920’s. Just in the past few years, we have seen those other 1970’s jewellery faves in the plastic bracelets that kids are wearing and those hippie peace symbol earrings the teens gush over. Remember the 1980’s large brooches and hair decor sparkles? Originally these were first seen in the 1930’s era of garishly large and inexpensive jewellery fashions.

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The jewellery women want often is a result of some celebrity that wears the style. Just like Princess Dianna had every woman wanting large sapphire engagement rings, today’s popular icons set the tone for what’s hot in jewels this year. Do a simple test where you take note of a celebrity figure’s jewellery style. See how long it takes for the look to spread. Remember how punk rockers and alternative goth rock bands wore those big, dark and ghoulish metal chains, body piercing and black jewellery? It only takes one snapshot in time of someone wearing a unique piece of jewellery to make others say, hey I want that.

Speaking of that goth style, just last year some teens were wearing those black chokers and skull decorated earrings. With time, the original style may change somewhat. Like teen girls wearing the above jewellery but pairing them with a bright coloured skirt. Unheard of with the original jewellery trendsetters. This can be a bit fun. Just imagine if some of today’s jewelled collections ended up recycled 20 years from now. A rather incredulous thought. So women will continue to take cues from those bigger than life individuals who seem to own style.

Women should remember though, that those ladies who are revered and remembered for their particular jewellery taste, didn’t copy anyone else. They had the guts to create their own look. Ladies today can do the same. It is very uplifting to play around with differing jewellery styles. A gal can create her own jewellery signature look. What is more important is to wear jewellery pieces that speak to your heart and soul. These are the ones worth waiting for. In past eras, women did not have many rights including the right to own anything of value. The one thing they were allowed was jewellery.

There is always a right time to shop for women’s jewellery. Take some time to reflect on which jewellery styles appeal to you. Try on different jewellery pieces at several jewellery stores. Be that woman who searches only for timeless jewellery pieces she loves.

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