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Women for Africa Presents ‘The Women For Africa Awards UK 2012’

Women for Africa presents ‘The Women For Africa Awards UK 2012’. For the 1st time ever! Women from Africa will be celebrated in London, at the first ever Women for Africa awards 2012. Women for Africa is open to those who want to join us as we celebrate some of Africa’s unsung heroines.

Nominations are now open for UK-based women of African origin to be nominated in one of the twenty-one categories with two categories opened up to non-UK-based African women. It will seek to honour and celebrate a number of women who deserve to be recognised and celebrated.

The Women for Africa Awards will present Twenty-one categories of awards to African women who have distinguished themselves in their various fields. You can visit the Women4Africa Awards website to get more information on the various categories and the event in general.

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UPDATE: Check out the 2013 edition of the Women for Africa Awards.

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