Yellow gele is one of the go-to colour for many women who rock their gele to several African events. The gele headgear is a piece of fashion piece of accessory to make a fashion statement for women, especially the Nigerian woman.

The headgear is a common fashion piece that is worn to attend or celebrate Nigerian weddings, naming ceremonies, church services, women’s meeting and several other events and gatherings. Some of the special features that differentiate one gele from another are its colour, size, and the way it is tied.

For a gele headgear to make a bold fashion statement, it has to be colourful and artistically constructed in a way that makes it look tall, elegant, dramatic, timeless, and exotic.

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And since the colour yellow goes well with the skin tone of many women of colour – it is one of the popular colour gele headgear wearers go for.

If you’re planning to buy a yellow gele headgear or get some general inspirations on how to wear a scarf, take a look at these beautiful photos of women rocking their yellow gele scarf.

Gele headgears come in different colours and fabrics.  others. While the colour of your gele is an important element in making a statement and standing out is very important. In general, some of the fabrics used for this fashion item worn by many African women are Singele, Damask, Aso Oke and many more.

Besides the colour and fabric, one other very important element to rock a head-turning gele headgear is in the way you style it. To tie a gele headgear that will stand out among other wearers, a lot of art and creativity needs to go into it.

If you don’t know how to tie your gele headgear, not so good with the art or learn how to tie it – you can check these videos on how to tie a gele headgear like a pro.

Women Fashion: Ways To Rock Yellow Gele Headgear

Women Fashion: Ways To Rock Yellow Gele Headgear

Women Fashion: Ways To Rock Yellow Gele Headgear

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