The woman from hell Ugandan maid who was recorded on CCTV mercilessly abusing 18-month-old Arnella Kamanzi to near death for vomiting on the floor has pleaded guilty to child abuse.

In the gory footage, the babysitter is seen throwing the child to the floor, beating her with a torch, stomping, stepping and kicking her.

The video was posted online by the child’s father, Eric Kamanzi – and it caused outrage as it was shared and watched by millions of people worldwide.

Jolly Tumuhirwe, 22 was scheduled to appear in court today December 8 and was in court with her mother. Ms Tumuhirwe asked the court, the child’s parents, as well as Ugandans to forgive her for battering the innocent and defenceless toddler.

According to the BBC, “ the toddler’s father broke down in court when the maid said she was sorry.”


If convicted, Jolly will face up to 15 years in prison for the crime or a fine of about $400 (£260) or both. She was not represented by a lawyer. A leading Ugandan lawyer who offered to represent her was denied the request as the magistrate says the court was not formally notified.

The monster babysitter is scheduled to reappear in court on Wednesday, December to when the judge is expected to sentence her. She was led away in handcuffs by prison officers after this morning’s session.

Photo Credit: BBC

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  1. I pray she gets 15 years. I also hope there are some ruthless inmates like her to give her the kind of deadly battering she gave that child. Imagine her putting all her weight on the fragile child while she kicks and stomps. Was she planning to crush her? Just wonder what she was thinking.

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