• Ugandan maid receives 4 years for assault
  • Other charges dropped
  • Jolly to serve her jail term in Luzira Prison


The woman from hell Ugandan maid who was captured on security cameras while beating, slapping, kicking and stomping on an 18 months old baby has been sentenced to 4 years in prison for assault on a child. The gory footage was uploaded to the internet by the child’s father, Eric Kamanzi who later beat the nanny to a pulp after reviewing it.

Jolly Tumuhiirwe was sentenced by a high court in Kampala after pleading guilty to the crime of assault last week. Other charges against the maid were dropped by the court – including that of torture that would have made sure she receives nothing less than 10 years.

While reading the sentence to Jolly this morning Monday, December 15th, the magistrate said she has taken the time to analyse both parties submissions (defence and prosecution) and consider the fact that the accused is full of regret for what she has done and has taken it upon herself to apologise.

“I have also taken note of the requests by both the complainant (parents of the baby) and the convict (Ms Tumuhiirwe). The convict pleaded guilty and apologised to the parents. She also appeared remorseful. However, I did not consider the reason she gave for assaulting the child,” said the magistrate.

However, the judge finds the reason the 22-year-old Jolly Tumuhiirwe beat the innocent child mercilessly to near death to be unjustifiable.

“No amount of mistreatment of an adult to another should justify the kind of brutality exhibited by the convict upon a young, innocent, helpless, defenceless child. It is for this reason that I find the aggravating circumstances much stronger than the mitigating facts. Therefore, the convict is hereby given a four-year jail term in Luzira Prison,” the Chief Magistrate said.

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What do you think about Jolly’s sentence? Is four years enough, too little, or too much for the crime she has committed?


  1. 10 years minimum, poor little girl could have been killed or sustained serious permanent injuries. A full grown woman putting full weight on a babies spine and throwing around like she did is not human in any way. I hope the little baby girl is doing well and can lose the memory of this traumatic event. I believe its really torture as its so significantly brutal. Hard to watch, the babies father acted like any father. I applaud him. Thank goodness he followed his instincts and installed cameras..

  2. Just like @Paul has said above, i totally agree with him. A minimum of 10 years sentence would have been the right punishment for her. The child is just too young to go through such chronic abuse from an adult. I’m glad the baby was able to survive it.

  3. And the woman should be sterilized; she should never be allowed to have children of her own, or ever “watch” anyone else’s.

  4. Anyone that could beat a child like they are terrorist is completely retarded and needs to be put away for life. That nutcase shouldn’t be allowed within 1000 feet of any child not old enough to whip her ass for the rest of her miserable life. Only self worth she could have left after such an act is if God him self had mercy on her soul. Children are the most innocent entities in this life and it sickens me how disgusting mankind have forgotten the second part of that word. Kind. There are so many children that get mistreated in this world, brutally mistreated, and this fool gets caught and only gets 4 years when she should spend no less then 10. I would have given her life with a chance in hell for parole. These 3rd world countries have this going on like its normal for so many, but happens more then enough right here in this country. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when people who abuse children get judged by our Father in Heaven!

    • Completely agree! Stone her to near death then put her in jail. When the baby grows up to be a beautiful mature adult lady, show her the video, and let her decide the third stage of punishment, rehabilition, or other- including forgiveness (maybe).

  5. Giving her 4 years is not not worth the crime she committed. Anything less than 10 years is a slap on the child’s face. That child could have died or got all her bones, especially her spinal cord broken by this evil woman from hell who felt she can unleash her anger and hate on an innocent, defenseless and young child like that. And she’s the woman that hopes to be a mother some day. It’s just a shame.

  6. Four years is only a little slap on the hand compared to the beating this woman gave to this poor little innocent babe with no way to protect herself. The punishment is ridiculous and she should have been given much, much more time. It basically is showing the world it is not a big deal and doesn’t deter others from doing equally horrendous things to the innocent little children of our world. Shameful.

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