Jolly Tumuhirwe, the woman from hell maid who mercilessly beat a child that is said to be 18 month old to near death for throwing up on the floor because she was unwell is now facing attempted murder charges as it has been upgraded from torture under Section 41 of the Anti-Torture Act.

Confirming the charges have been upgraded to attempted murder, the police spokesman, Mr Fred Enanga in a press statement said: “The charge against her has been amended to attempted murder upon re-perusal by the Resident State Attorney and the pending lines of inquiry in advanced stages.” He continued: “The maid admitted to partly hitting the infant with a torch, a process that was captured in the video clip. She was further subjected to medical tests and established to be a person of sound mind.”

Mr Enanga used the opportunity to warn parents to be very cautious about the people they leave their children in care of saying they could be traced to “psychological problems suffered by maids and helpers”

Baby Arnella Kamanzi and her parents, Mr Eric Kamanzi and wife were at the police headquarter (photo above) today where they were assured their daughter will be getting justice for the gruesome abuse that was meted on her by the woman from hell babysitter that taking care of her.

“Given the magnitude of torture meted out on their child, anybody would have picked the nearest object and killed the maid but he followed the law. We are also forwarding to Parliament the 2014 Children Amendment Act to strengthen the law on child abuse,” Ms Mary Karooro Okurut, the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development said yesterday while commending the restraint of Arnella’s parents from committing murder when they watched the level of abused their daughter went through.

Before the viral video incident, Jolly Tumuhirwe who the family said has only worked with them for about 26 months had been abusing their daughter. And according to them, each time they ask Tumuhirwe (the woman from hell) why the child was limping or have bruises, she will pretend she knows nothing about it. It was then the family decided to install security cameras in the house to investigate what was going on with their child.

“Whenever we returned home we would find the house clean, she would bathe the children, feed them and take them to bed. Our first born goes to school so no one could tell us the source of Arnella’s bruises. That is when we installed CCTV cameras in the house,” Mbabazi, the child’s mother said.

When the Daily Monitor asked the mother of two if she’ll hire another maid after this shocking incident, she is reported to have been first speechless before saying: “It is sad. I can’t describe how I feel. We shared the video on social media so that other parents can learn from it,” she says, adding, “By the grace of God, baby Arnella is fine. She got medication and recovered. She is well and God protected her, we are grateful.”

The monster babysitter, Jolly Tumuhirwe is currently being remanded in Luzira prison and will re-appear in court on the 8th of December 2014. Below are photos of the woman from hell maid torturing the little girl.

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Photo Credit: Daily Monitor


  1. Serves her right. After sentencing, she’ll have enough time to reset her brain and maybe learn how to live with people and not act like a lioness or tigress in the wild forest.

  2. My God i cant describe what i felt when i saw the clip may the parents of that child be blessed because i could not imagine that the nanny would have left that house alive the beating and the charges against her ought to teach her a lesson may that child grow up a healthy girl.

  3. The government has to make sure the Jolly witch never uses her hands or legs again. I need a video or picture showing she is actually on a wheel chair because I can’t believe what I do not see. By God I will not rest until I see a picture of her sitting on a wheel chair and breathing through a pipe.
    Nothing justifies treating a baby like this. She should be questioned on the reason for her actions and please she should be kept in jail for life we do not need such people constituting a nuisance in the world at large.
    The world is watching and waiting to see what becomes of her, me inclusive. The Ugandan government should take this matter very seriously because like I said the whole world is watching.
    N.B please show us a picture of her on a wheel chair with bruises all over then a least some of us can have a goodnight sleep, since I watched the video sleeping has being difficult, just like the child was my own.

  4. Even here in America this is crazy who could treat a child so bad. This so called female is very sick and mentally and missing in action. Maybe some day she will get the same treatment. A very hard sentence should be issued to this nut.

  5. I am sick to my stomach!!! Can this realy happen? Is there really people out there that does this? I am Angry as hell!! Our justice system is failing our children daily!! It cannot be blamed on mentally unstable as all these culprits gets off on mental instabillity!! A lesson needs to be taught to this woman from hell!!!

  6. as a working mother of a three year old little girl ,this video sickened me to thestomacha nd am still enraged by it all ,that inhuman women did not get what she deserved ,hope she gets a very painful and long jail sentence ..i would also like to advise mothers to interact ith their children as oftena s possible at the end of the days work as well on weekends and holidays as well pay close attention to the child minder by not immediately dismissing her for her week off when u get a day off ,also have time to spend seeing how the helper interacts with your child ,this poor baby must be traumatised although it wont show now ,i really hope some thing willbe done for justice to be served for the sake of this innocent little angel .

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