Woman From Hell: Who Else Is Reporting On This With Afrocosmopolitan?


A few days ago, we reported a story from Uganda about a woman from hell nanny that mercilessly beat up a 2 year old child to near death and the incident was captured on security cameras that were installed in the house by the child’s father. The video has gone viral and a lot of people are talking about this shocking abuse. A lo of media are reporting the incident and people are sharing it on social  networks and showing their disgust for what this little girl who is said to be just 18 months old had to go through.

According to reports from Sowentan Live, the nanny is currently confined to a wheelchair and feeding through tubes due to the beating she received from the child’s father. The nanny will be re-appearing in court on December 8.

You can read the article as well as watch the video of the woman from hell nanny mercilessly abusing the two year old child here. There’s is also another article on what happened to the nanny after the father reviewed the video – as well as the child’s condition. You can read it here as well.

And some major European media has been reporting the incident and citing us.

Here is how the UK daily mail is reporting it UK DailyMail.

This is how major Spanish media Telecinco is reporting it. You can click through and read it if you understand the language.

And this is another big Spanish media, Cuatro reporting it. You can read their article in Spanish by clicking on the link.

Here is another Spanish media, Elcorreo reporting it and citing Afrocosmopolitan.

And here’s another Spanish media, ElComercio

Reports from DParaguay



Last updated 25/11/2014

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