A woman from hell house maid was caught on video slapping, kicking, and stomping on the back of a little girl for throwing up on the floor while she was babysitting her. The disturbing video shows the woman giving the little girl the first slaps on her face while she was feeding her. The abused child may not be more than one or two years old. (See UPDATE here)

After feeding the child, the woman from hell was seen eating while the little girl seemed like she was choking or feeling uncomfortable and threw up. And that was just enough for the woman from hell maid to unleash pain on the innocent and helpless little girl. She slapped her on the face,  threw her violently on the floor and started kicking, stomping on her back, and walking over her. She also used a strong object in whooping her butt while the innocent and defenceless child was crying – then, the babysitter from hell dragged the child on the floor like she was a piece of sack or rag.

According to Big Eye Uganda, the tortured child is the daughter of a Ugandan Middle-Class family. The article was titled, “Shocking Video of Ugandan House Maid Torturing Baby To Near Death.”

@OrtegaIan shared the video on his Facebook wall with the accompanying text, “As you go around making money, leaving your kids with the maids, house girls, whatever. Just be sure you are leaving your kids with the right person. Otherwise, your kid may be suffering at the hands of a psychopath both physically and emotionally….. Let’s just SHARE this video.”

With the beating and stomping, the innocent little girl received, the possibility she may suffer from internal injury is high. This is not the first time incidents of nanny abusing the children they’re minding is surfacing. The #WomanFromHell video on YouTube is titled as girl mercilessly beating a child and several other headings.

See @OrtegaIan’s Facebook post below.


Also, see more photos of the heartless abuse on the little child below. Be aware, you need to be strong to watch the whole video above.

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  1. The brutal maid who terrorized a young innocent gal will be charged with attempted murder, Police has confirmed.
    Police spokesman Patrick Onyango has confirmed to this website that Police is set to write to the DPP to amend the charges to attempted murder. The maid, Jolly Tumuhairwe 22, was arrested and charged earlier this week under file number CRB1346/14.
    Onyango told us: “We (Police) have received very many telephone calls and messages from people expressing anger, others finding out whether, we have done something on the alleged torture of baby by a maid. The case was registered at Kiira Road Police station, investigated and the suspect one Tumuhirwe Jolly aged 22 years was arrested and arraigned in Nakawa court on November 20, 2014, under the Anti-Torture Act, Section 3, which carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in jail, however, we are going to amend the charge with the consent of the DPP to Attempted Murder. She was remanded to Luzira Prison and she will appear in court again on December 8, 2014.”
    A film of a maid brutalizing a little girl appeared on social media last night and has been making rounds. It was filmed five months ago. Police further revealed that the baby girl in question had recovered and is in a steady health condition. Earlier today rumors circulated that the baby girl had died.
    Brutal maid Jolly, a born of Rukungiri, is said to have had a troubled early life.
    Meanwhile the little girl’s dad Eric Kamanzi, who stays in Naalya, revealed that the baby was sick the time the incident happened. “That’s why she had difficulty in eating,” Kamanzi told Xclusive UG.

  2. oh my God, i pray the baby survive this, lord have mercy on this child and on the parents, can somebody tell me as at now the child is alive pls

  3. God have mercy on the maid and i pray her eyes open and heart so she knows the evil she has done and ask God for mercy

  4. Surely this demon need no mercy grrr am boiling. I wish i can just have 10 mins with the beast .i will be the one going to jail

  5. Angels in heaven are watching over her. She little angel is alive. She went to the hospital and is scheduled to go back again for a follow up. But she is alive.

  6. The baby survived, the father beat the woman so bad she is in a wheelchair and the woman is arrested and charged under the anti torture act.

  7. Oh My God! Watched this last night. I could not sleep as a mother. Poor Innocent girl. I don’t blame the girl’s dad: I am not sure if I were in his shoes I wont be charged for murder already. God help us all from the hands of his evil nannies and save our children.

  8. This also happens in the UK e.g. The case of baby P. (RIP) and many others. After carrying a child for 9 months someone beats your child like this! As parents we really need to assess our priorities, e.g. Is it really necessary to work full time? I was deeply sad when I watched this. If you really must have a nanny, please invest in cameras or just come home unexpectedly at times!

  9. Only god knows how long she has been doing this and how many people children she would have done this time without them having a clue of what is happening in their absence. Very wicked girl indeed. and she’ll marry and have her own kids tomorrow ooo. God forbid.

  10. I would have killed her. I cried so much when I saw this video and my whole day was messed up. I have 2 little girls 14mnths and 2mnths and I was on my way out, leaving the little one with the nanny. I just could go, my husband tried to calm me down. My 14mnth old girl burned on the face last month, from the nanny’s tea, after leaving her in an inflatable pool, alone the previous day. My hurt bled for the little girl when I remember the pain my daughter went through.

  11. Good on the Father, I would have killed the evil wench! Here is hoping that he doesn’t get charged with ANY crime. Is there a legal defense fund set up for him? Please update us!

  12. No one cares about the brute- If she had a rough past and she endured a lot of pain then she should intentionally avoid any other young ones from becoming harmed as her past. That doesn’t give her the right to mess up other persons’ lives and to feel her misery.

    I had some scars in my past too- so what, am I going to make my child or nephews and nieces also feel my pain in the past. Selfish.

    Stare God in the eyes lady and face your judgement in Jesus’ name.


  13. i believe the nanny should die because of murder attempt pliz may God be in the families heart and give you peace. So sorry for what happened.

  14. I believe That the nunny should Die and go to hell. I believe tht the child wll survive all my prayers to her

  15. I admire the father’s courage and restraint for not killing this devil woman. Many people in his shoes would have commit murder before they realize it due to the rage they would have used in beating that girl after almost breaking every bone and spine in that little and fragile child’s body.

  16. If I ever saw this bitch walk passed me, I would fuck her up so bad! I would do the exact same she has don’t to this poor, helpless 18 month old, but more, and just to finish up, slice her up with a machete! I would make her throw up first, chuck her face first to the ground, and slam bricks on her back! Then I’d strip her, and bash her ass and body with a hard object, and boot her in the face! Oh I would let all hell loose on her! Good on Eric! So happy that he put this mister in a wheelchair, I would have killed the bitch first, then put her in a wheelchair and roll her off a cliff!

    Does anyone have news on the condition of the baby? Did she get any serious injuries?

  17. A few more days and we’ll hear the outcome of her court appearance. I hope she get to spend a very long time in jail. She does not deserve to stay among humans with the way she abused that innocent, young and fragile child.

  18. that evil must be killed and totured by other prisoners in jail , i pray to God to get sufer where ever she is going either in prison or on her spirit when she died

  19. I would like to back stab her and beat her back i’m wearing my avenged seavenfold shirt and you know what I am far more angrier than a aggressive pit bull hopfully you get killed by an aggressive pit bull

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