A woman from hell who happened to be a babysitter in Uganda that was captured on security cameras abusing a young child has been arrested and is currently in police custody. The video showed the young woman that has been identified to be 22-year-old Jolly Tumuhiirwe from Rukungiri District kicking, stomping, walking over and dragging the young child on the floor because she was feeling unwell and threw up on the floor after eating. (Read the first article and video about the gruesome assault here).

After the disturbing video was released yesterday, several reports alleged that the baby was dead as a result of the severe torture. But according to reports by the investigator, the baby is still alive and the woman from hell babysitter is currently under police custody.

According to the reports, the shocking video was released by the child’s father who has been identified to be one Erick Kamanzi, a loaded staff at a reputable NGO in Kampala. Mr Kamanzi came home to see there was bruises on the hind of his less than two years old baby but did not confront the maid to ask what happened to his child. Instead, he went to investigate the security cameras that were installed in the house. This took place on Saturday the 15th of November 2014.

On reviewing the footage, he discovered the shocking abuse that has been meted on his young and defenseless child. Enraged by what he saw, he went on to beat the woman from hell babysitter to a pulp and turned to tend to his assaulted child.

Tumuhiirwe (the woman from hell) then ran to the police where she made an assault case against his boss (Kamanzi) for beating her.

Kamanzi was then arrested by the cops and the father confessed to committing the crime he was arrested for. He then asked the police to take a look at the video and see why he had to beat the babysitter the way he did. On seeing the footage, Kamanzi was released and Tumuhiirwe was arrested and charged yesterday under Anti-torture Act at Nakawa Court.

CP Fred Enanga who confirmed the arrest says they are contemplating upgrading the charges and turning it to attempted murder. Tumuhiirwe (the woman from hell) will re-appear in Court on the 8th of December 2014.

The evil babysitter has been named by many as the monster babysitter from Uganda. She lived and worked with the family for about 3 months before the incident took place. (Update: the family said she was less than a month with them. About 3 weeks.)

Below is the photo of Kamanzi and his two lovely children. On the right is the 18-month-old girl that was abused by the maid.

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  1. Serves her right. She’s really from hell. How can a human being beat an innocent child like that? And she was running to the police when she as an adult that can defend herself and tell her story was beaten to a pulp. I guess she was unaware his boss had an evidence of the brutal and evil attack she launched on an innocent child. She deserve a long time in prison. Looking forward to see her sentenced.

  2. I don’t blame this father ! That b**** deserves everything she gave to that baby and more ! I would’ve done the same thing or more out of rage ! I had cold chills when I wAtched the video.

    • You honestly think 5 years is sufficient? If it were your child, would 5 years be enough to make you feel like Justice had been served? not me.

  3. Looking forward to on the 8th of December when she’ll be re-appearing in court. I hope they give her a very long time so when that when she comes out, she’ll be scared of ever touching innocent children talk less of abusing them is such a way that they can die or have some serious internal injuries.

  4. Good for him. A jail free beating of that witch is exactly what is needed – I hope it was recorded for the child to view at a later age when she perhaps has physical or psychological problems from that abuse (which I would bet was more than just this incident).

  5. He had every right to beat the holy hell out of that nanny, the only difference between me and him is I probably wouldn’t have stopped.

  6. I’m praying for you baby girl and I hope that they will find justice for you and make that woman pay for hurting you no child should have to go through this and the dad did right and if they only give that woman three years then they need to prosecuted I can only imagine what that baby was going through this had me crying when I watched it and made me sick to my stomach. My prayers goes out to your family and I hope that your baby girl is alright and safe now

  7. I hope she burns in hell. I’ve only read the story I can’t even watch the video. This woman deserves a long slow painful suffering. Even death is not good enough for her. I can’t believe the world we live in these days. A defenceless baby. Only someone completely sick in their head with no morals is capable of such brutality. I pray she gets the exact same care she showed that baby but ten times worse. She will suffer eternally for her crimes in a pit of fire.

  8. If I had seen this done to my child, or any child for that matter, I would have killed her on the spot! So what if I went to jail, I would know in my heart and soul that I did the right thing by this child! Glad the Father wasn’t charged for any crime, hoping he cannot be! If he is, hoping someone sets up a Legal Defense Fund for him, I. Would gladly donate to this fund! Hugs to that little baby, matches to burn the Bitch!

  9. we all need to pray and ask God to reinforce humanity in this world, we truely nearing the end. this is heart breaking and disturbing. I pray that little girl will receive divine peace and her soul and mind will be restored.

  10. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing as it made me sick and had me crying – she deserves a hell of a lot more than three years!!

  11. I would kill her if she did that to my child…I hope she get a kicking every day she is in jail..when she come out I hope no one ever gives her help let her rot on the streets in a dung heap..er no a dung heap us to good for her….hang her after she has suffered many many times over..bitch

  12. It mad go what she deserved. But I think that the child is young enough to forget this ever happens. If she isn’t remind of what happens to her. She is only 2. And most people don’t remember what happens to them at this age. I send my love and prayers to this family.

  13. This woman should be locked up ,and should not have the right to go anywhere near any children ,when I saw this footage I was really angry,how anyone would do that to a child any child ,this made me want to find this person and beat her my self. For doing that ,this poor defenceless child ,was made to eat ,and then slapped and punched on the face ,then if not that’s bad enough,the poor innocent,child was sick on the floor ,to be thrown on the the floor like a doll and trodden on ,omg I am so angry ,I fo hope the woman ,! You couldn’t even call her that ,dose serve a long time behind bars and has got the right taken away from her to have children off her own ,she should be sterilized,so there’s no chance of any other child or children to be in her care ,!!!

  14. I feel no mercy for the nanny the babies father should of killed her cause if that was my child I would of done it myself she deserves to suffer slowly the way she beat that innocent child parent’s should be more aware of whats happening when someone looks after there children I hope she gets life sentence for what she had done and my feelings really go out to that little baby and parent’s

  15. I cried watching this video! This evil demon should be beaten to death! I am happy the beautiful adorable child survived. I can’t imagine what this evil beast did to the poor child in the bathroom!

    • What does that have to do with that poor child? If you hadn’t used up all the perfect, maybe they would have better grammar. Stay on the subject, curb your obsessiveness and worry more about the child who was stomped by the babysitter and less on the wording of someone’s post. Good grief!!

  16. If I was the father I might lose myself and kill that b!@cth….well that’s just me…But I am really glad that he caught her on camera, a solid piece of evidence that should put her stinking a$$ in prison for a long time …Bless you child! No child deserve this at ALL period.

  17. There is no way she should get five years when CP Fred Enanga who confirmed the arrest says they are contemplating upgrading the charges and turning it to attempted murder. like this crime did involve a dangerous instrument and is resulted in the serious physical injury of the victim, the defendant is convicted of a class 2 dangerous felony. In that case, the minimum prison term is 7 years and the maximum prison term is 21 years. She should get the maximum seeing that its not the first she doing it. And we are yet to know what else she did after bringing her in the next room. SAD

  18. I was never able to have children and when I see someone abusing a child, it destroys me. I wasn’t physically abused as a child, but I never got much affection, no one ever told me they loved me, they considered such things to be “coddling” and didn’t want to “spoil” me. The thing I wanted most in life was a child, and God saw fit to deny me that. I don’t understand why, but I cannot imagine beating a child. They should lock her in a room with me. I would dish out some punishment. Lifelong frustration along with the anger would be good fuel for the fire. I think I’d start off by throwing her to the floor and stomping on her. How could anyone look a that beautiful little girl and want to hurt her? They need to make sure she never works as a Nanny again, nothing to do with children.

  19. I want to thank God that your baby was okay, and may God bless you and your family, and may God have mercy on the girl that the devil got in too,

  20. Watching this made me sick. I am so glad the father put cameras in his home. Thank God that poor child is alive. I hope that devil got a most severe sentence. May God Bless him and his two children.

  21. This is so sad….I can’t believe that things like this are happening around the world it’s pure Evil!! God help all these poor children around the world that are being abused by these sick evil individuals. I hope and pray that this little girl recovers and has a normal life. God bless her and her family.

  22. So happy the little girl is recovering from that subhuman’s brutal beating! God bless that man and his two children! I think he showed great restraint in only beating her to a pulp because I would have killed her, God forgive me. It doesn’t matter, my child or anyone else’s! You DON’T abuse children or babies! Ugh!! Horrible!!

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