During the winter, there is a need to step up your hair and skin care regimen. These tips will help you towards a healthy hair and skin during the winter.


In the winter, our hair tends to become drier, and no one likes dry hair! Keep hydrated by drinking enough water as water helps combat itchy and dryness of hair.

Shampoo and Condition
As mentioned, hair goes dry in the winter to prevent this – you need to find the right shampoos and conditioners that are aimed at protecting and healing your hair. Moisturise your hair more than you would normally do, but this does not mean that you should over moisturise! Having very greasy hair is not a good look.

Dry your hair before you leave your house! It is no longer summer, so unfortunately, it is not ideal to walk around with wet hair especially outside. Not only will wet hair in the winter give you the flu, it could freeze your hair making your hair more prone to breakage and split ends!

Try protective hairstyles that will not encourage you to continuously run your fingers through your hair, as this will allow your hair to shed. Hairstyles such as; twists, fish tails, knots, or tying your hair up would be a good idea. Use hair oils such as castor oil, coconut oil, argan oil, and a host of other similar ones. They are a great way to heal your natural hair.


Keep your body wrapped
This is an obvious tip for winter but this does not mean just wearing hats and gloves. Exposing your skin in the winter allows your skin to become drier and prone to wrinkles. So wrap up like them Christmas present

Moisturise your skin
Dry skin in the winter would allow your skin to gain winter blisters so it is important that you rub that body moisturiser all over your body. In addition, your lips also need a lot of attention in the winter to prevent them from chapping and splitting. In the winter, our lips tend to become drier. So, with moisturisers like Vaseline and coconut butter, our skin should hopefully stay more smooth throughout the winter.

Keep warm, but not TOO warm
This would irritate the skin! People often think it is a good idea to jump into a hot shower/bath after a cold walk home. However, this can irritate the skin and can cause broken capillaries from the temperature differences. Instead, have a warm shower/bath, and if you want, gradually raise the heat.

Maintaining a Balanced Diet
This would benefit your skin in the winter, vitamin C’s, and drinking water or herbal tea will help that skin in looking more radiant.

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